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Leo Health & Wellness Horoscope

On the October 8 new moon, someone might try to take care of you and you might want to let them. Do something fun and interesting on the October 8 new moon. Mercury leaves Libra and enters Scorpio on the ninth, so get more serious about how you spend time with friends and families.

When Venus goes retrograde on the fifth, and feelings are a bit more under wraps.

April 15 Zodiac Cusp

If not, stay silent on the issue. The October 24 full moon is a good time to be playful and adventurous with a trusted group of companions. On October 5, Venus goes retrograde in Scorpio, so love could get more secretive and stubborn. When the sun squares Pluto on October 11, crazy things could come out of nowhere, but you can roll with the punches.

Venus goes retrograde in Scorpio on October 5, and love may become a bit more serious and less silly.

On the October 8 new moon, spend some money on your physical and mental well being. On the full moon on October 24, you will be even more charming than usual. Use that to your advantage!

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On the October 8 new moon, it might be important to put yourself first, and later in the month, money could be coming your way on the October 24 full moon. Venus goes retrograde in Scorpio on October 5, and love will get even more serious, secretive, and deep. Stay open, Scorpio! Venus goes retrograde on October 5, love gets more serious and perhaps a bit cooler.

Leo Health & Wellness Horoscope

Mix it up and you might meet some impressive new friends. On October 5, Venus goes stationary retrograde in Scorpio and love gets more serious. This month, pay extra close attention to your nest. Venus goes retrograde on Friday, October 5 , which may cause some tension in the domestic sphere. Issues with family, roommates, or even landlords may rise to the surface, so be sure to proceed with caution.

The October 2018 Hunter’s Moon Comes in for the Kill

Through November 16 , try not to jump to any conclusions: Patience is key. On Monday, October 8 , a new moon in Libra kicks off the lunar cycle. The moon is linked to our emotions , but when it occupies the same sign as the radiant sun , there is no distinction between our internal and external realities. But sip the tea slowly, Leo darling.

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However, if transparency is what you crave, fear not. Everything will come to light by the end of the month when two major events electrify the cosmos. The sun moves into Scorpio on Tuesday, October 23 , and a full moon illuminates the night the very next day, on Wednesday, October For you, darling Leo, this activates an extremely important area of your birth chart, linked to home and career, respectively. Under this radiant sky, you may feel compelled to make a choice between your professional ambitions and domestic aspirations.