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Zodiac Signs: Know All About Your Sun Signs

Read Your Daily Horoscope Today. Aries Mar 21 - Apr Taurus Apr 21 - May Gemini May 21 - Jun Cancer Jun 21 - Jul Leo Jul 23 - Aug Virgo Aug 23 - Sep Libra Sep 22 - Oct Scorpio Oct 21 - Nov You need to stop doing that. Lovers born on the 21st of November are very passionate, faithful, loving, and forgiving. You make for a great romantic partner. The problem is you need to pick the right people for that kind of loyalty and affection.

Sadly, you are so insecure and lacking in self-confidence that you easily end up with the wrong people. These people are users, emotional parasites, and negativity black holes.

I was only talking about friendships, but imagine this multiplied to a thousand times when it comes to your romantic life. You are worth loving, so you need to stand your ground and wait for somebody that deserves your love and affection.

Money & Career

People born on this day are very analytical. This goes hand in hand with your introspective nature. This is why a career in accountancy, auditing, or some sort of analytics would be the best fit for you. You are better with numbers and ideas that you are with emotions and people.

Your Dog is in the Stars: Pet Personalities and Astrology

The moment you get in a situation where you are dealing with emotional workmates, you end up kicking yourself and feeling very lousy. If given a task, you can get down to business, zero in on what needs to be done, and take care of everything. While people slack off around you, you are able to find a focus to get things done. As far as relationships go, you also tend to be a martyr. You often find yourself in one-sided relationships. If a job needs to be done and it is analytical in nature, you are the person to assign to that job.

You know how to focus.

November monthly horoscope

You know how to put the proper amount of energy and analysis into a project to see it through. Somebody could give you something to do and they can come back later on. They can be assured that the job will get done. They often find themselves in relationships that are very toxic and imbalanced. The reason why you tend to find yourself in abusive or unproductive relationships is because of your emotionally unstable and insecure nature.

The moment you make progress regarding this aspect of your personality is the moment you will move on with the rest of your life.